Health Data Portal (HDP)

The e/MTIC Health Data Portal is a scalable collaboration platform where medical data from multiple institutions can be shared safely and researchers can collaborate on this data.

The Eindhoven Medtech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) aims to improve value-based healthcare by creating and expanding an ecosystem that enables a fast track to high-tech health innovations. e/MTIC is a large-scale research collaboration between the Catharina Hospital, the Maxima Medical Center, Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy and Sleep Center, Eindhoven University of Technology and Royal Philips Eindhoven in the domains cardiovascular medicine, perinatal medicine and sleep medicine.

The partners of e/MTIC joined hands to develop the Health Data Portal (HDP) to facilitate and enable joint research projects. The e/MTIC HDP is a scalable collaboration platform that builds on existing initiatives to provide an infrastructure where medical data from multiple institutions can be shared safely and researchers can collaborate on this data. The construction of the e/MTIC HDP platform allows, for the first time, medical data from different types of healthcare institutions to be shared securely and anonymously, such as between hospitals, universities and industry. After years of preparations, HDP should be ready in 2022 on a regional scale. This will also give it an important role in the national network of the Health-RI project, financed by the National Growth Fund.

A fast track to clinical innovation

e/MTIC already has more than 100 researchers and staff members working together within a bike-ride’s distance. People from different disciplines and institutes in the Eindhoven region.

 In our mission to drive value-based health care, we analyse massive amounts of data. Finding, accessing and processing data while respecting privacy and security regulations is a complex task.

The Health Data Portal supports researchers in e/MTIC and beyond. So that they can focus on what really matters: improving patients’ lives with a fast track to clinical innovation.

Multidisciplinary Data-driven Research

By using a national trusted organisation as independent third party to process and handle data requests, we can build trust and confidence that records are held securely and data is anonymized appropriately. It also provides secure solutions for medical studies that require combining data-sets from multiple institutions.

Through standardized workflow principles based on the level of informed consent involved, the process for research data sharing can be supported and promoted, in line with privacy regulations and guidelines for medical and research ethics.


Download a poster with more information on the Health Data Portal

F.A.I.R. Data mangement

The e/MTIC Health Data Portal (HDP) provides:

  • The infrastructure to support multi-site research
  • A technical platform to meet the researchers’ requirements and a   governance structure guiding the use of the platform to meet the legal obligations and medical-ethical guidelines
  • Data exchange in healthcare research using new privacy standards including NEN7524
  • The quickest solution for researchers through leverage and integrate existing solutions in the market.
  • A scalable tooling to allow more institutions like universities, hospitals and industry to join in the future

The e/MTIC Health Data Platform (HPD) will gradually build up a rich metadata catalogue of medical information, first within the domains of cardiovascular care, perinatal care and sleep care, by the e/MTIC members, but this central catalogue will grow to include other health domains and institutes.

The large datasets of medical information available between the data science platform members, will enable scientists to analyse the data, discover and develop new hypotheses about human health. The data sets can enable new applications in cross-disciplinary research or e.g. in machine learning, to revolutionize the healthcare field.- The health data portal supports researchers gaining knowledge about more general diseases that are treated in non-academic hospitals. The data sets that becomes available can be used to develop new devices or to improve devices used in hospitals or other clinical environments.

The e/MTIC HPD has the potential to become a national platform that can lead to faster life sciences and health innovation.

e/MTIC HDP vision document 2020

Download here the e/MTIC Health Data Platform - vision document 2020