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MedTech Day 2023

Our healthcare is under pressure. How to future-proof our healthcare systems? An integral, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare innovation is our best chance to provide structural support for future healthcare challenges. Technological innovations are essential for this road to sustainable healthcare that is accessible to everyone. During this conference, we shared the stories and experiences of our clinicians, professors, young researchers and other MedTech professionals. This conference was organised by Center for Care & Cure Technology Eindhoven & Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC).


Time to celebrate e/MTIC research, innovations and collaboration towards a Fast Track to Clinical Innovation. During the anniversary celebration on Wednesday, July 5 2023, the five partners looked back on the achieved successes and forward to the future. The strength of e/MTIC lies in the close collaboration between the university, hospitals and industry. All these parties are needed to realize innovations in healthcare. According to Carmen van Vilsteren, Director of e/MTIC, "a lot has changed in the past five years. When we started five years ago, we were seen as a local initiative. Meanwhile, we are recognized as a strategic collaboration that can serve as a model for innovation in helathcare."

Remote monitoring via Smart Patch

A video made by ZorgVanNu: A smart patch that measures, among other things, the patient's heart rate and breathing from a distance. Wherever it is. The Catharina hospital in Eindhoven uses the patch for various conditions or treatments. In the video we share their experiences with the Philips healthdot.

Zorg van Nu is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).



Fast track to clinical innovation: the essentials

From the e/MTIC Founding fathers - think big, start small and act fast is the way to go! So many wonderful MedTech connections we made during the e/MTIC Conference: Fast track to clinical innovation: the essentials. With >400 participants we kicked off with the opening speech by Marcel Levi and during the closing session, the inspirational speaker Bas Bloem left all visitors with lots of new insights. Outstanding accomplishments and awards for the booths, PhD posters and of course the PhD pitchers. The expert panel tackled "How to fast-track clinical innovation". And so much more happened! 

e/MTIC at TU/e MedTech day

In a heartbeat

The heart – the engine of life, and the first organ to form and become functional. From the first heartbeat, slight changes in the cardiovascular system may have profound effects on human health. In this session, the development of sophisticated technological solutions that can pave the way to enhanced care and monitoring interventions are discussed. The essential role of academics, businesses, and clinics in this journey from bedside to bench-models and back to transform healthcare practice throughout life will be highlighted.

All the speakers of the session are affiliated to e/MTIC and include:

  • Marcel van’t Veer (TU/e)
  • Rick Bezemer (Philips)
  • Carola van Pul (Maxima Medical Center).

AI innovation MedTech: From Data to Intelligence

It seems obvious, and it really could make a huge positive contribution to health and care: bringing together and processing masses of data about diseases, diagnoses, treatments and results of patients in order to achieve better and faster results at lower costs. The data are there, but the follow-up turns out to be a persistent integral challenge with many aspects: technical, organisational, medical/ethical, legal, cultural, didactic, financial… None of the individual disciplines solve it. But then who?

The presentation discusses the integrated approach of the Dutch AI Coalition, that of e/MTIC and how this fits in with a national trend as initiated by HealthRI

Tech Files: Future Health care

What will our healthcare look like in the future? And what is needed for that? In this episode of Tech Files you can see how collaboration leads to groundbreaking innovations. With e.g. Carmen van Vilsteren who gives her vision on the future of healthcare and how e/MTIC plays a role in this. Also Richard Lopata presents a large European project (Photoacoustics) with several partners and  Catharina Hospital, the team of Lukas Dekker, shares their ideas. (Video in Dutch only)

How do you act if the pregnant woman suffers from COVID-19?

A special instruction video was made, especially for all healthcare professionals working in perinatal-care. Through a simulation exercise, this video shows how you can act as a healthcare professional in accordance with the guidelines with a pregnant woman who is infected with COVID-19. The video was created on 23 March 2020 by Maxima MC, TU/e (both partners within e/MTIC) and MEDSIM to share interested healthcare professionals.

Why you cannot remember what time you fell asleep

You may have heard the clock strike two o'clock last night but you cannot remember at what time you actually fell asleep. Even though we sleep 1/3 of our lives we don't know much about what happens during sleep. Doctor-somnologist Sebastiaan Overeem (TU/e & Center for Sleep medicine Kempenhaeghe) treats many sleep disorders and explains why we can learn a lot about normal sleep from these abnormal sleepers.
(Video in Dutch only)

After Movie e/MTIC 2019

On October 11th 2019 this symposium took place on the occasion of the inauguration of prof. dr. Lukas Dekker at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Technological innovations and value-based health care are considered the essential fundaments for sustainable, future healthcare. At this symposium physicians, medical technology experts and value-based healthcare experts will share their insights and knowledge in order to bring these worlds together.

This was an Eindhoven Medtech Innovation Center (e/MTIC) symposium, organized in collaboration with the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance (DCVA).

Interview Kees van der Klauw

Kees van der Klauw, ecosystem manager for e/MTIC interviewed at Booming Brabant by Omroep Brabant (Dutch only).