The objectives of BROWSE are performed by five PhD students two post-doctoral researchers.

PhD student sub-project 1: Joanne Oh
PhD student sub-project 2: Ketemaw Mekonnen
PhD student sub-project 3: Bindi Wang
PhD student sub-project 4: Maria Torres Vega
PhD student Receiver Design: Xinran Zhao

Post-doc Receiver Design:  Zizheng Cao
Post-doc System Integration: Dr. Fausto Gómez Agis

The PhD students and post-doctoral researchers are coordinated by the scientific staffs:

Prof. Ton Koonen (project leader)
Prof. Peter Baltus
Prof. Antonio Liotta
Dr. Eduward Tangdiongga
Dr. Dusan Milosevic
Dr. Marion Matters-Kammerer

One technician provides help to realize hardwares for a demonstrator:
Ing. Frans Huijskens