Impact for patients and society is our ambition, for which we develop novel electromagnetic technologies in close collaboration with medical and industrial partners

The Research Laboratory on Electromagnetics for Care & Cure is part of the Electromagnetics Group at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The Lab investigates novel approaches for application of electromagnetic waves in medical applications. The Lab is chaired by Dr.Ir. Maarten Paulides, and the main themes of research are:

Example Project PerStim: Targeting epilepsy with electrodes on the head

Stimulating the brain with implanted electrodes is a successful, but very drastic measure. Researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology, Kempenhaeghe, Philips Neuro and Gent University will therefore be working on a method to stimulate the brain using electrodes that are placed on the head rather than inside it. Their goal is to customize treatment for patients with severe epilepsy. The basic idea of the project, called PerStim, is simple, says Paul Boon, clinical research leader and professor at UGent and TU Eindhoven. "When we have located the source of the seizure, we target an electrical stimulus at that spot that is exactly the opposite of the measured activity. As a result, the seizure should be 'extinguished'. We will investigate this with both direct and alternating currents." Read more

Meet some of our Researchers

Example project MR-guided Hyperthermia: development of MR thermometry guided head and neck hyperthermia

This research is part of a large research program with Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on simulation and magnetic resonance (MR) guided hyperthermia. Funding has been obtained by the grants from the Dutch Cancer Society, STW and the European Marie-Sklodowska-Curie ITN program.

The MRcollar research program is focused to address a fundamental issue in cancer therapy: treatments are often unsuccessful and have major side effects. Especially treatment of advanced head and neck tumors is challenging. Even after intense therapy with radio- and chemotherapy, 40% of the patients currently face a local failure after 1 year. The intense therapy currently used is also causing very high treatment side effects.



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