Elena Lomonova

Electromechanics Lab

Our mission is to research high-performance electromagnetic actuation principles in – mainly, but not exclusively - automotive, high-precision, medical and robotics and to educate future-proof experts in these fields.

Advance electromagnetic actuation systems by broadening our fundamental understanding.

The ElectroMechanics Lab (EMLe) is one of two research labs within the electromechanics and power electronics (EPE) group within the department of electrical engineering of the TU/e. Our research is mainly focused on exploring novel, high-end, integrated, electromechanical system solutions to enhance performance indicators of such systems as compared to the current state-of-art. To explore and ultimately reap the potential of such systems we strive to not only continuously improve our understanding of the underlying physical fundamentals (electromagnetics, mechanics, thermodynamics, material science) of these complex multidomain systems, but to also apply new mathematical methods and techniques to accurately model them. This approach has enabled us to successfully realize experimentally verified actuation concepts for various fields of application, such as over-actuated, non-periodic, non- or quasi-symmetrical, re-configurable structures for high-precision manufacturing, medical technology, robotics and automotive. All in close cooperation with (inter)national industrial and academical partners.  A selection of current research projects include: