Eindhoven Grid Laboratory

The Eindhoven Grid Laboratory (EGL) is a Medium Voltage (MV) Lab providing all the necessary conditions for experimental proof of concept for different kinds of MV Power Electronics Converters and other related equipment.

Features and capabilities:

  • Ratings: fully variable 3 phase AC voltages up to 24 kV (DUT DC output voltage up to 1500 V), 100 kVA of rated power with bidirectional flow in four quadrants (power recirculation).
  • Easy and flexible operation suitable for testing of new topologies or configurations and control techniques of PEC.
  • Capable of creating very diverse voltage dynamic variations/transients (under-voltages, over-voltages, brown-out’s, lack of phases, under and over-frequency, voltage unbalances, low order harmonics, etc): for testing the PEC control behavior and performance or the effects of harmonic distortion on operation and performance of equipment’s (like transformers, protection system, power measurement, etc).
  • Covers all necessary aspects of personnel/equipment safety.
  • MV isolated sensing and measurements (V, I).

Location: TUe Matrix building, room 0.100.