Aida Todri-Sanial

NanoComputing Research Lab

Creating Novel Computing Paradigms – Rethinking computing from materials, devices to architectures by bridging physics, information theory and integrated circuit design

Developing unconventional computing architectures by bridging the gap between nanoelectronics and computational physics.

NanoComputing Research Lab (NRL) explores curiosity-driven adventurous scientific paths intertwining applied physics, information theory, VLSI design and engineering to bridge the gap between nanoelectronics and computational physics to transcend computing to an open, interactive and continuous learning adaptive system. Research activities cover aspects from modeling and simulation of novel nanomaterials (e.g., phase change, 1D/2D, etc.), emerging nanoscale devices and interconnects for performing design space exploration of disruptive technologies. We exploit these novel devices for unconventional computing paradigms such as neuromorphic computing, computing with physical systems and quantum computing. 

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