Ana Sobota

Atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas and their interaction with substrates

Transient on a nanosecond timescale and featuring high density gradients, atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas are fascinating systems for research. Examining in addition how they interact with substrates makes this research line important for applications in e.g. medicine.

Understanding fast transient discharges and how they interact with substrates

Our group researches non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas and their interaction with various substrates for applications on sensitive targets. These plasmas generate extreme conditions such as high electric fields, high charge density and high density of chemically active species. However, the high speed at which they develop and their short lifetime measured in nanoseconds make them applicable to sensitive substrates including living tissue. This has created a revolution in e.g. medicine, where plasmas of this type are researched for their antimicrobial properties as well as usage against cancer.

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