MSc Courses

MSc courses

The Energy Technology group is responsible for several Master courses:

MSc Courses

Renewable energy sources

4P510 - Renewable energy sources

This course treats the scientific and technological fundamentals of renewable energy sources and the techniques for their conversion and...

Energy conversion

4P570 - Energy conversion

The first part of the course concerns the theoretical tools which are essential for the analysis of these systems. This starts from the...

Physics and measurement methods

4P580 - Physics and measurement methods

Physics and measurement methods. In this course a number of measurement methods is treated that are relevant for experiments in liquid and...

Application of the finite element method to heat and flow problems

4P630 - Application of the finite element method to heat and flow problems

The course is divided into two parts. In the first part the partial differential equations for the description of heat and flow problems...

Turbo machinery

4P700 - Turbo machinery

The gasturbine is one of the major prime movers. In this course a number of applications (aeroplanes, industrial and turbochargers) will be...

Micro- heat transfer

4P710 - Micro- heat transfer

To understand the heat transfer on the micro-scale, several molecular aspects are treated first and then extended to the micro- and...

Turbulent flow phenomena

3T280 - Turbulent flow phenomena

Many flows in nature and in industrial situations are turbulent. This course serves as an introduction in the theory of such turbulent flow...

Solar cells

3Y280 - Solar cells

The contents have not been described yet