BSc-level courses

The following BSc-level courses are taught by Fluids and Flows group members:

  • 3AKX0 Variables, dimensions and dynamics: order and chaos in physics (AP; compulsory)
  • 3BYX0 DBL signals & systems (AP; compulsory)
  • 3CTX0 Physics of transport phenomena (AP; compulsory)
  • 3EEX0 Electrodynamics (elective)
  • 3EMX0 Theoretical classical mechanics (elective)
  • 3ERX0 General theory of relativity (elective)
  • 3FMX0 Physical modelling and simulating (elective)
  • 3FTX0 Turbulent flows, waves and instability (elective)
  • 3NAB0/3NBB0 Applied physical sciences (compulsory)

MSc-level courses

The following MSc-level courses are taught by WDY group members:

  • 3MT010 Advanced fluid dynamics (FLOW mandatory)
  • 3MT100 Chaos
  • 3MT110 Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • 3MT120 Advanced computational fluid and plasma dynamics
  • 3MT150 Environmental fluid mechanics
  • 3MT170 Special topics in environmental fluid mechanics

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