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Information Systems focuses on the business architecture design of new mobility solutions that are safe, efficient, affordable and sustainable, and that contribute to the livability of cities.

New mobility solutions, from car and bike sharing to mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), and to smart hubs, are enabled by the increasing connectedness and advances in the IT technology, such as the ITS (intelligent transport systems) and related digital technologies. However, a pre-requisite to the success of these solutions is carefully designed business architecture that would ensure valuable and affordable service for the traveler, and sustainable business for all actors/stakeholders involved in the service solution.

Business architecture design of such solutions involves the development of related business models for different customer segments, the viability and impact analysis of the business models, the design of the service solution including the necessary processes for its operation, as well as the requirements and architecture of the enabling IT system.

Specific topics that we focus include the following:

  • Designing multi-stakeholder/networked business models for mobility solutions (such as MaaS, smart hubs)
  • Viability assessment of these business models taking both the economic and sustainability perspective using advanced data analytics and simulation techniques
  • Defining success indicators (KPIs) for mobility solutions, and monitor their impact and performance
  • Designing processes required for the operation of the service solution
  • Defining requirements and architecture of the IT system that would support the service solution

Some of our research projects