application domain

Service Industry

Service organizations, including banks, insurance companies, and governmental bodies, fully rely on information provisioning to do their work. Information Systems are meant to provide that information in an accurate and fast manner.

We research methods and techniques that service organizations can use to decide on the value that they want to deliver to their customers by providing information, as well as the business models that realize this value.

As business processes play an important role in processing information in service organizations, we also look at methods and techniques for mapping administrative business processes, including techniques for process mining, as well as methods and techniques for improving processes.

The information that is stored in the systems can also be used to make predictions. We research Machine Learning and AI-driven techniques that can do that.

Specific topics that we focus on include:

  • Business model design
  • Demand prediction
  • Sales success prediction and analysis
  • Process mining
  • Process improvement
  • Optimization of task delegation
  • Data-driven task delegation
  • Churn prediction

Some of our research projects