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Process Engineering

Process Engineering (PE) develops integrated tools and techniques for data-driven decision support in the design and execution of operational business process, focusing on the control flow of those processes. This includes smart production processes, supply chain processes, and administrative processes.

Specific tools and techniques that are being developed include:

  • innovative process modelling techniques and execution engines;
  • techniques for case-based reasoning on behavioural data;
  • techniques for case-based performance and outcome prediction;
  • techniques for optimizing operational decisions at run-time that influence multiple cases, using simulation and analytical models;
  • design methods and execution engines to properly consider human aspects of business process management;
  • techniques for explaining the reasons behind decisions that are proposed by predictive techniques and optimization techniques; and
  • business process reengineering.

These techniques are integrated in a framework that facilitates their joint use as well as the joint use of techniques from other research clusters.

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