Information and Communication Theory Lab

We focus on the fundamental limits of information processing (transmission, storage, and sensing) underlying our modern digital society. Using information-theoretical frameworks, we study real-world problems aiming at fast, reliable, and secure processing of information.


Driving the future of information processing

The ICT Lab research focuses on data transmission and compression, modulation and error correction, multi-user information theory, information security, and sensing. We study information processing in a broad sense trying to determine fundamental limits, but also at developing the techniques that approach these limits. We use information-theoretical frameworks to model practical scenarios, and to find the optimal performance-complexity trade-offs. These scenarios result from close interaction with national and international industrial collaborators. Application areas include fiber optical communications, next-generation wireless systems, secret-key generation, and radar processing.

Meet some of our Researchers


  • Visiting address

    De Groene Loper 19
    5612 AP Eindhoven
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    Department of Electrical Engineering
    PO Box P.O. Box 513
    5600 MB Eindhoven
  • Teamlead

    Frans Willems