Information and Communication Theory Lab

Our mission is to study information processing in a broad sense. We focus on finding fundamental limits but also on the data processing techniques (often codes) and architectures that aim at approaching these limits. Main areas of interest are source coding, channel coding, multi-user information theory, and security. We typically use information-theoretical frameworks to model the scenarios under investigation. This allows us to find out what the optimal trade-offs are. The scenarios that we study ideally result from close interaction with industry.


Research Profile

The main interest of the ICT Lab is to study information processing in a broad sense. We focus e.g. on data compaction and compression, modulation and error correction, and security. The aim is to determine fundamental limits, but also the techniques, often codes, that approach these limits as closely as possible.   In this example we present efficient signal constellations for communication over additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channels, that we found by dr. Bin Chen and dr. Alvarado, both from the ICT Lab. These constellations maximize, as a function of the signal to noise ratio (SNR), the mutual information for the bit-labels of the signal points, the BMI. Research in this field leads to more efficient optical and wireless communication techniques.

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