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With ILI we aim at the creation of a scientific community of practice dedicated to intelligent lighting solutions with a scientific and application-based approach towards all aspects of light. Key is the establishment of partnerships with stakeholders in the public-private field: companies, knowledge institutes, and government bodies. A multidisciplinary and multifunctional approach is the only way to reach breakthrough in this field, in addition the work will be concept driven and evidence based. Human centric real-life test beds will be realized at the TU/e campus and at public spaces like the city of Eindhoven.
Participating TU/e departments are Applied Physics, Built Environment, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering & Innovation Science, Mathematics & Computer Science.

Outside TU/e, the group of Prof. Pont of the Delft University of Technology and the group of Prof. Leloup of the Catholic University of Leuven join our regular meetings and events. Their fields of expertise complement our broadly recognized lighting research institute


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At ILI we are convinced that education needs to evolve alongside new research results and other insights. The organization of the educational activities within ILI are therefore by definition undergoing a continuous optimization process. We take this task very seriously to contribute our fair share towards educating the professionals and scientists of tomorrow.


TU/e innovation Space is the centre of expertise for challenge based learning and student entrepreneurship. It is a learning hub for education innovation and an open community where students, researchers, industry and societal organisations can exchange knowledge and develop responsible solutions to real world-challenges.

ILI has been a partner since the early days of innoSpace, and is responsible for the Lighting theme. We offer challenges for various courses. Together with student team Team IGNITE we aim to build a community of students that are interested in Intelligent Lighting. We also connect students to our network of external partners for knowledge exchange and career opportunities. To support this ecosystem we are currently setting up the TU/e Lighting Experiment & Experience Lab.

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