Setting up a programme to enable professionals to keep their knowledge and skills up to date

Life long learning



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Setting up individual and joint learning tracks

Together with TU/e innovation Space we are setting a program for Lifelong Learning. The program will contain a self-assessment and personal intake to establish the learning goals and ambitions. The unit of learning will consist of two tracks: an individual and a joint learning track.

Individual learning track

In the individual learning track a digital adaptive environment will be used to accommodate everyone’s personal learning needs. This will be supported by face-to-face (online) peer learning and learning activities with the experts on the topic. This way of offering knowledge to professionals enables learning at their own pace and place and time independent (e.g. outside office hours) also enabling global participation in the modules.

Joint learning track

This is a joint challenge learners engage in, and will lead to an actual prototype that is presented at the end to experts and partners of industry. This track can be an interdisciplinary learning track for learners looking to become familiar with one or more interdisciplinary concepts.


More information will follow soon. We aim to run a pilot with the program in 2023.


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