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2022 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Martijn Anthonissen Speeding up virtual prototyping for illumination optics and with Peter Hanselaer and Frederic Leloup (KU Leuven) 25 Years of Light&Lighting Laboratory

2022 May ILI Magazine

Interview with Nirvana Meratnia Pervasive Computing Research

2021 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Tom Weerts, GLOW director. Glow comes from within the city

2021 May ILI Magazine

Interview met Daan Roosegaarde en Anja Dieleman (WU) GROW project

2020 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Celine Nicole, Joquin Vanschoren and Twan van Hooff Finding the perfect (light) conditions for crops

2019 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Luc Schlangen Light is a powerful biological stimulus

2019 May ILI Magazine

Interview with Ingrid Heynderickx, Elke den Ouden and Philip Ross Atlas mustn’t become an experimental maze and Gunter Bombaerts Is co-creation the magic potion for (lighting) innovations?

2018 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Greg Nelson and Ronald Maandonks Unlock the extraordinary potential of light and Yoshi Ohno, CIE Facing future lighting trends: how can ILI collaborate with CIE?

2018 May ILI Magazine

Interview with Yvonne de Kort and Tom Bergman Exploring the psychology of lighting

2017 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Walter Werner (Zumtobel) The Internet of Lighting: download and play!

2017 May ILI Magazine

Interview with Mary-Ann Schreurs Intelligent lighting is all about quality of life

2016 Nov ILI Magazine

Interview with Gerrit Kroesen GLOW TU/e Campus overview, Ronald Ramakers Impact on your senses (GLOW) and Jan Mengelers GLOW: illuminating icons

2016 May ILI Magazine

Interview with Rombout Frieling OPENLIGHT closes and Johan Lukkien The architecture behind networked lighting

2015 Nov ILI Magazine

2015 May ILI Magazine

2014 Nov ILI Magazine

2014 May ILI Magazine