ILI Living Labs


What is a Living Lab?

Taking society as our laboratory

ILI maintains several lighting laboratories to support its research and design endeavors. At the same time, ILI recognizes the importance of designing and researching lighting solutions in the wild—in the urban context in which they ultimately are to be used. Such living labs offer opportunities for testing the effects of lighting under natural circumstances, and allow design solutions to be swiftly iterated, for example, by timely adjustment to emergent system and user behavior; behavior that typically goes unnoticed in laboratory settings. 

A living Lab is a data-intensive infrastructure for scientific experiments on and observation of human subjects in interaction with technology, coextensive with the everyday work and living environments of those subjects.

Lighting Lab

In the HTI Lighting Lab we investigate the relationship between ambient lighting and individuals’ affect, cognition, and behavior. We explore lighting preferences and their determinants (e.g., interpersonal differences, mental status, task, context), investigate individuals’ associations with, appreciation of, and beliefs about white and coloured lighting, test effects of various lighting characteristics on human functioning (mood, performance), and explore persuasive effects of light.

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Current ILI living labs