Offering a continuous flow of lighting challenges

TU/e innovation Space Lighting

ILI and TU/e innovation Space

TU/e innovation Space is the centre of expertise for challenge based learning and student entrepreneurship. It is a learning hub for education innovation and an open community where students, researchers, industry and societal organisations can exchange knowledge and develop responsible solutions to real world-challenges. ILI has been a partner since the early days of innoSpace, and is responsible for the Lighting theme. We offer challenges for various courses, see also TU/e innovation Space Lighting. Together with student Team IGNITE  we aim to build a community of students that are interested in Intelligent Lighting. We also connect students to our network of external partners for knowledge exchange and career opportunities. To support this ecosystem we are currently setting up the TU/e Lighting Experiment & Experience Lab.

ILI, together with internal and external partners, offers a continuous flow of challenges in the bachelor and master courses in Innovation Space. Team IGNITE provides input on topics that students find interesting. IL researchers provide challenges related to their latest research projects and ideas, and our external partners proved challenges that have business and societal relevance. By opening the network of exerts in ILI and our vast network of companies and public organisations, we provide the students with state-of-the-art knowledge and materials to work wiht when designing and engineering lighting sloutions or business propositions.

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