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Architectural History and Theory

AHT explores architectural history, theory, philosophy, and heritage studies, reflecting the interplay between these disciplines and their relation to architectural and urban design.

Adding depth to technical, architectonic and urban development through history and theory

Architectural History and Theory reflects on design artifacts, designs and design practices within the framework of specified cultural and societal themes. Key areas of research are architectural history including heritage studies, architectural theory, philosophy of design and architectural criticism. Historians and theorists focus on architecture as a basic act of culture by mobilizing relevant theoretical concepts that may inspire the production of architecture.

In terms of concrete products the staff of AHT is devoted to studies into, f.e., biographies of leading personalities or trends within the architectural culture, the representation of architecture in museum policies, value assessments of buildings and ensembles on various scale levels including also international practices of heritage policy, and the intellectual and ethical fundamentals of the design practice. These studies are all meant to celebrate the value of architecture as a rooted cultural practice within society, while recognizing that the transformations architecture has to accommodate nowadays not necessarily secure its position.


Policymaking for the campus = Beleid maken voor de campus: Delft and Eindhoven in the "battle of brains" = Delft en Eindhoven in de battle of brains

Investigation of the position of the spatial category of a campus in today's urban setting and the influence on it .of the current prominence of the knowledge economy

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