Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Macro-Organic Chemistry

How far can we push chemical self-assembly? Bridging the gap between life sciences and materials science, using organic chemistry and polymer chemistry. 

Exploration of supramolecular systems and materials

At the Macro Organic Chemistry group we educate young students to become independent scientists and make them experienced researchers in the design, synthesis, characterization and possible applications of complex molecular systems with unconventional properties. Our research addresses the challenging question “How far can we push chemical self-assembly?”. This ranges from detailed mechanistic (kinetic) investigations on the self-assembly processes of various molecular structures (e.g. the formation of ordered arrays, under thermodynamic control as well as through kinetic experiments) to the design, non-covalent synthesis and use of artificial mimics of enzymes and extracellular matrices. Our group is part of the overarching research group for Molecular Science and Technology.

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Student opportunities

For students who would like to learn about the research we do in this group we do have projects that you can get involved in during your Bachelor or Master end project.

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