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Materials and Interface Chemistry

The mission of our group is to understand the mechanisms of biological materials formation processes and to apply the underlying principles in bioinspired materials synthesis


Biology represents a source of inspiration for materials chemistry

Biominerals such as bones, teeth and shells have properties that often outclass those of man-made materials. Hence, these biological materials form an important source of inspiration for materials chemistry where the rational synthesis of materials with predefined organization and properties is a major goal. For this we must unravel the mechanisms of biologically controlled mineral formation. We advance our understanding of biological and bioinspired materials formation by monitoring these processes with dynamic, in situ measurements. Within the Sommerdijk Lab this is pursued along two closely related research lines: “Biological Materials Chemistry” and “Bio-inspired Materials” for which we continuously develop “Multiscale Electron Microscopy” methods.

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Center for Multiscale Electron Microscopy

The CMEM offers unique facilities for the study of soft materials and uses the knowledge gained to develop synthetic materials.



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