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Membrane Materials and Processes

The vision of the research group Membrane Materials and Processes is to tailor materials chemistry and morphology to control polymer membrane and electrode functionality and performance for sustainable process applications involving water, gas, electrons or a combination of these.

Tailoring materials chemistry and morphology to control polymer membrane and electrode functionality and performance

Our aim is to understand, apply and optimize how materials chemistry and morphology determine and can be used to control mass, momentum and charge transport through polymer membrane and electrode interfaces. There is strong focus on elucidation chemistry, structure, property and performance relationships. The expertise of the group covers of a multidisciplinary knowledge chain ranging from molecule to process. It involves material synthesis and functionalization, molecular, geometric and morphological architecting and device and process design. This is combined with advanced physicochemical characterizations and process performance evaluations.

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We started the chair Membrane Materials and Processes. I think we can be proud of the result and we can feel secure about our future.

Kitty Nijmeijer

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Our projects

Sanaz Abbasi

Membrane development and performance study in Hydrogen-Bromine flow batteries

Senan Amireh

Engineering gas diffusion electrode microstructures for the electrochemical reduction of CO2

Nadia Boulif

Development of hierarchical ion conductive membranes for flow batteries

Simona Buzzi

Scaling up electrode manufacturing with non-solvent induced phase separation

Mert Erer

Designing Gas Diffusion Electrodes with Tailored Wettability for CO2 Reduction Electrolyzers

Emre Burak Boz

Synthesis and characterization of novel electrocatalysts for redox flow batteries

Maxime van der Heijden

Understanding and optimizing 3D electrode microstructure for redox flow batteries

Rens Horst

Novel thin-film coatings for next-generation polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Menno Houben

Production of lactic acid using bipolar membrane electrodialysis

Remy Jacquemond

Ion exchange membranes as separators in all-organic redox flow-batteries

Winnie Kong

Redesigning the catalyst layer for next-generation polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Adrian Mularczyk

Synthesis of porous electrodes with bimodal pore size distribution to address transport limitations in next generation electrochemical reactors

Daniëlle Scheepers

Performance and stability improvement of multilayered membranes for salts and micropollutants removal

Irene Sinisgalli

Synthesis of conformal and fluorine-free coatings on gas diffusion layers for polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Marrit van der Wal

Process development for selective removal of nutrients from liquid manure

Liang-Shin Wang

Integrated PHA recovery from biomass with formulation and production of functional films, membranes, and/or coatings

Woutje ter Weel

Anion exchange membranes for electrochemical CO2 reduction

Membrane Innovation Centre Eindhoven

The MIC/e is your academic partner that makes academic knowledge better accessible by bridging the gap between fundamental research and industrial valorization of this knowledge.

Information for students

Education of students and researchers in the field of separation technology and more specifically membrane technology is one of the core activities of our group. As such we teach several Bachelor and Master courses, offer extensive opportunities for students that would like to do a Bachelor or Master assignment or an internship on membranes.

Our Facilities

Our group is fully operational with dedicated equipment in place for, among others, hollow fiber and flat sheet membrane production, for low and high pressure and low and high temperature gas and vapor separation, including hazardous minority components, gas sorption, membrane pore size and pore size distribution characterization, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and forward osmosis membrane characterization and filtration, Scanning Electron Microscopy including EDS, ion exchange membrane characterization.

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