B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects

Within our research chair we have several opportunities for students to perform their Bachelor or Master assignment. Also students looking for an internship are welcome. Research in our group bridges polymer materials science and process technology. Consequently, assignments at the interface of both disciplines are available, but it is also possible to work on projects that have a strong focus on either polymer materials science or process technology. We try to shape assignments according to the specific wishes of the student, so feel free to discuss your wishes with us such that we can design an assignment fitting to your interests.

Typical assignment topics include, among others, the development, modification and preparation of new polymer membranes using commercially available polymers or specially synthesized polymers, membrane properties characterization (e.g. pore size and pore size distribution, charge, morphology, structure) and membrane performance studies. Typical application areas are in the water, energy and food industry. More specifically we focus on the recovery of valuable components (e.g. minerals, proteins, amino acids) from waste streams, the purification of water for water reuse purposes and drinking water production or sustainable energy production (e.g. energy from the mixing of sea and river water (Blue Energy) or biogas upgrading). Application studies include multicomponent mass transport using complex feed mixtures, investigation of interactions at the membrane-feed interface, structure-properties investigations and membrane performance (flux, retention) evaluation. Also the integration of membrane technology with other disciplines, e.g. conversion and separation or catalysis and separation for biorefinery applications, syngas production or the conversion of CO2 to valuable products is part of our research portfolio.

You can have a look at the MMP opportunities in the graduation book.

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor or Master assignment or internship in our group, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities. More information: please contact Prof. dr. ir. Kitty Nijmeijer (d.c.nijmeijer@tue.nl; Helix STO 0.45).