Emre Burak Boz

Synthesis and characterization of novel electrocatalysts for redox flow batteries

Transitioning to a renewable energy economy necessitates the development of new, sustainable energy technologies, to which electrochemistry is poised to play a pivotal role. To increase cost competitiveness, a next generation of porous electrode materials with increased performance must be developed. The chemistry and morphology of the electrode internal interfaces, which is currently poorly controlled, remains a critical issue hindering performance and durability. In this project, we will develop a novel synthetic method to conformally coat the internal surfaces of three-dimensional porous electrodes typically used in electrochemical technologies with a specific focus on redox flow batteries. Using the electrografting method, we impart tailored functional properties (e.g. wettability, ion-conductivity, kinetic activity) with high control over the coating morphology (e.g. thickness, conformality, porosity, density) and chemical composition.

Contact details

Name: Emre Burak Boz
Country of origin: Turkey
Room: STO 0.50
Email: e.b.boz@tue.nl
TU/e phone: 3046