This page lists alumni of the group Molecular Diagnostics for Medical Diagnostics.


Holger Kress (until 2012)
Moved to University of Bayreuth, Germany


Adam Taylor (until 2018)
Moved to ASML

Denis Dorokhin (until 2013)
Now at Optics Balzers

Asha Jacob (until 2012)

PhD students

Roland van Vliembergen (graduated in 2018)
Project | Optical scattering of rotating dimers for biosensing applications

Emiel Visser (graduated in 2017)
Project | Biosensing based on tethered particle motion
Moved to University of Toronto, Canada

Stefano Cappelli (graduated in 2016)
Project | Magnetic particles at fluid-fluid interfaces: Microrheology, interaction and wetting
Moved to Google, Switzerland

Fabiola Gutierrez (graduated in 2016)
Project | Proteins with a twist: Torsion profiling of proteins at the single molecule level
Moved to Wageningen University

Alexander van Reenen (graduated in 2014)
Project | Dynamic Magnetic Particle Actuation for Integrated Lab-on-Chip Biosensing
Moved to Philips Healthcare

Matthias Irmscher (graduated in 2013)
Project | Biosensor for monocyte activity testing
Moved to Philips Research

Marijn Kemper (graduated in 2013)
Project | Interactions between polymer surfaces and proteins
Moved to FEI Company

Loes van Zijp (graduated in 2013)
Project | Biosensor for platelet function testing
Moved to Instituut Verbeeten

Konrad Berghoff (until July 2012)
Moved to Kress group in Bayreuth

Andrea Ranzoni (graduated in 2012)
Project | Rotational Actuation of magnetic nanoparticle clusters for solution-based biosensing
Moved to University of Queensland, Australia

Remco den Dulk (graduated in 2011)
Project | Magneto-capillary valve for integrated biological sample preparation
Moved to LETI, France

Kim van Ommering (graduated in 2010)
Project | Mobility Detection of Bound Magnetic Particles in an Evanescent Wave Biosensor
Moved to Titus Brandsmalyceum

Roy Derks (graduated in 2010)
Project | Particle dynamics in magneto-fluidic microsystems
Moved to MA3 Solutions 

Francis Fahrni (graduated in 2009)
Project | Magnetic polymer actuators for microfluidics
Moved to ASML 

Xander Janssen (graduated in 2009)
Project | Magnetic particle actuation for functional biosensors
Moved to TU Delft; Now at VDL ETG

Charlotte Kjellander (graduated in 2006)
Project | Stratified functional films by photo-polymerization induced phase separation
Moved to Holst Centre; Now at Trespa


Tatyana Vuyets (2017)

Master's Students

Rafiq Lubken (2017)
Design of a two-state molecular switch for single-molecule biosensing

Leroy Tan (2017)
Patterning biofunctionalized surfaces for particle-based biosensing with single molecule resolution

Wessel van Dijk (2017)
Binding kinetics of actuated superparamagnetic beads in an immunoassay

Vojtěch Čalkovský (2017)
Characterization of energy redistribution pathways in gold nanoparticle graphene system

Stijn Jooken (2017)
Characterizing reagent inhomogeneities in the Philips Minicare biosensor cartridge 

Annelies Wauters (2016)
A dynamic DNA switch for single-molecule detection using Tethered Particle Motion

Frank Hoeven (2016)
Magnetic torque on superparamagnetic particles in static and rotating magnetic fields

Michiel Twist (2016) 
Nitrilotriacetic acid funtionized gold nanorods: A new principle for molecular biosensing

Arjen Bos (2015)
Competitive assay studied using tethered particle motion

Ardjan van der Linden (stage) (2015)
Investigation of dichlorofluorescein as sensor for hydrogen peroxide

Max Scheepers (2015)
Tethered particle motion to measure dissociation kinetics

Matej Horácek (stage) (2015)
Graphene photodetector based on plasmonics

Anne van Gorkum (2014)
Characterising brownian motion on and near to interfaces

Michael Beuwer (2013)
Detecting single molecules binding to gold nanorods

Marco Fiorito (2012)
Force spectroscopy on plasma membrane proteins

Loek Verhees (2012)
Force spectroscopy on surface bound monocytic cells

Emiel Visser (2012)
Characterizing non-specific interactions between myoglobin and polymer surface with AFM Force spectroscopy under physiological conditions

Jan van Kemenade (2012)
Study of length-dependent magnetic and optical properties of rotating particle chains

Roel Roijmans (VU) (2012)
Characterization of the double stranded DNA stain SYTOX Orange

Alexander van Reenen (2012)
Twisting proteins by magnetic particle actuation

Delia Spridon (stage) (2011)

Gerrit Sitters (VU) (2011)
Optical levitation of tethered beads

Anne van Gorkom (2011)
Non-specific interactions between magnetic particles and modified polystyrene surfaces using the rotating particles probe

Joris Goudsmits (2011)
Quinacrine As a Fluorescent Label to Study Real-Time Exocytosis of Single Platelet Dense Granules

Karel van Laarhoven (2011)
Cell deformation and the formation of membrane tethers for adhering cells under shear flow

George Podaru (stage) (2011)

Koen Hijnen (2011)
The influence of buffer conditions on the capturing of nano-sized targets using microparticles

Filipe Martins (2010)
Tethered particle motion on a polystyrene surface

Joris Jongen (2010)
Friction forces of magnetic beads in a magneto-capillary valve cartridge

Philip Somers (2010)
Total internal reflection microscopy on colloidal particles

Abdelkarim El-Fattahi (2010)
Lateral flow force discrimination of protein bonds

Joost van Noorloos (2009)
ProteinG/IgG interaction measured by magnetic torque

Peter Pasmans (2009)
Magnetic particle imaging

Rik Paesen (2009)
Single bead analysis: Height control of a DNA tethered bead using solutions with different ionic strengths

Els Ryckebosch (stage) (2008)
Reference electrode treatment

Kim van Buuren (2008)
Assay development for CRP detection with a magnetic biosensor

Ben de Clercq (2008)
ProteinG/IgG interaction measured by magnetic torque

Bas Cloin (2008)
ProteinG/IgG interaction measured with optical tweezers (joint project with the group Bone and Orthopedic Biomechanics of the Biomedical Engineering department)

Willem van Engen (2008)
Magnetically actuated micro-structures for microfluidics

Mario Frade (stage) (2008)

Inge van Donkelaar (2007)
Dynamic bondforce measurements of parathyroid hormone with a magnetic probe

Jaap Haartsen (2007)
Development of microflowmeter based on temperature sensing

Carolien Lamers (2007)
Characterisation of magnetic beads

Petra Rombouts (2007)
Rotation of superparamagnetic beads for biosensor applications

Lindy van Velzen (2007)
Fluidic devices for magnetic particle separation

Loes van Zijp (2007)
Preparation and characterization of an activated gold surface for bondforce measurements with streptavidin-coated beads

Maarten Bakker (2006)
Magnetic separation of single-domain magnetic beads

Mirjam Kaizer (2006)
Fabrication of polymer micro-structures with ion beam lithography

Machteld Lamers (2006)
Production of polymer microstructures for fluid transport

Hanke Matlung (2006)
Metabolic response of smooth muscle cells to intervention treatment (joint project with the group Cardiovascular Biomechanics of the Biomedical Engineering department)

Thijs Meijer (2006)
Structure-property relationship in micro-structured monolithic structures

Robert Vrancken (2006)
Micro-transfer printing of monolithic structures

Roy Derks (2005)
Design of a microfluidic device for magnetic mixing (joint project with the group Micro- and Nanoengineering of the Mechanical Engineering department)

Xander Janssen (2005)
Cartilage to bone transformation study with ion beam microscopy (joint project with the group Bone and Orthopedic Biomechanics of the Biomedical Engineering department)

Kim van Ommering (2005)
Magnetic properties of superparamagnetic beads used for biosensors (joint project with the group Physics of Nano-Structures of the Applied Physics department)

An Prenen (2005)
Light-induced phase separation in polymer liquid-crystal systems

Bachelor's Students

Tessa Roelofs (MLO) (2018)

Judith van Rooij (2017)

Bas van Hoof (2017)

Maureen Eggink (2017)

Joost Bergen (2017)

Bram van der Velden (2017)

Alissa Buskermolen (2017)

Rene Verhoef (2017)

Bart Timmermans (2017)

Gijs Creugers (2017)

Valery Visser (2017)

Willemijn Remmerswaal (2016)

Max Bergkamp (2016) 

Paul Vernooij (2016)

Laura van Smeden (2016)

Rosan Vermaas (2016)

Laura Jacobs (2016)

Sophie Roos (2016)

Esther van Eekelen (2016)

Jan-Willem Muller (2016)

Jelle Reynders (2016)

Maartje Pontier (2016)

Linde Hesse (2016)

Berit van Linder (HBO) (2016)

Annabel Romijn (2016)

Marjolein de Munnik (2015)

Joep Stevens (2015)

Leroy Tan (2015)

Rafiq Lubken (2015)

Matthijs van Gurp (2015)

Floris Knopper (2015)

Stan Peters (2015)

Frank Hoeven (2015)

Wouter Kaman (2015)

Ronald de Lange (2014)

Melissa Bolleman (HBO) (2014)

Rosanna Last (HBO) (2014)

Rico Geraerts (2014)

Yorick Spenrath (2014)

Daan Biemans (2014)

Yen Nhi Nguyen (2013)

Maarten Mackaij (2013)

Arjen Bos (2013)

Lukas van Hal (HBO) (2013)

Adri van Meel (HBO) (2012)

Jarno Riegman (2012)

Aart Ligthart (2012)

Florian Lambert (2012)

Joris Radermacher (2012)

Valentina Mazzoli (2012)

Benice van Gerven (HBO) (2012)

David Mozjeko (2011)

Bart Hoekstra (2011)

Nicoleta Ploscariu (2011)

Nona Jongmans (HBO) (2011)

Bert Verhoeven (2011)

Ruud Joosten (2010)

Erik Hermans (2010)

Marieke Zantema (2010)

Lindert Laven (2009)

Remco van Amelsfoort (2009)

Jelle van der Horst (2009)

Antoon Janssen (2009)

Stephan Jaspers (2009)

Emiel Visser (2009)

Adrie Mackus (2008)

Pim Donkers (2008)

Karel van Laarhoven (2008)

Alexander van Reenen (2008)

Maarten Hermans (2007)

Frank Jehoel (2007)

Michael van Ommering (2007)

Peter Pasmans (2007)

Sjors Schellekens (2007)

Joost Verburg (2007)

Marijn Kemper (2006)

Frank Schoenaker (2006)