Social Events

Group Outing MBx 2014

This year the yearly group outing of the MBx group was organized by PhD students Fabiola and Roland. They arranged a great day for the whole group consisting of two activities and a great BBQ afterwards.

First the group cycled to an unknown location and upon arrival we learned that we would go wall climbing at Neoliet in the north of Eindhoven. After a short instruction everyone put on their climbing gear, which consisted of a belt with a loop for the carabiner and a rope, and started climbing. The group was divided into small groups of three, where one could climb, the second person ‘belayed’ the climber and the third person held the end of the rope as an extra safety measure.

It turned out that the MBx-members were pretty good climbers. Some even reached the top of the highest wall and others used the more difficult routes along the wall to reach the ceiling. After this nice first activity the group walked to the second activity: bowling. Here, the MBx-members also showed their talent with many strikes and spares!

Afterwards, Stefano had kindly made his house and garden available for a tasty barbecue with lots of meat, salads and of course some (alcoholic) beverages. The barbecue marked the end of a nice and active day with great atmosphere for MBx.