NanoLabTUe is an expert group providing a good and safe working environment with state-of-the art facilities and services to enable internal and external customers performing cutting-edge research and development in the field of nanofabrication.

With its extensive laboratory facilities, the NanoLabTUe offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for research and development activities

The NanoLabTUe hosts both elite academic research and a multitude of industrial collaborations. It is an open-access research laboratory, available to TU/e, other research centers and industrial partners. This approach helps fundamental research insights quickly find their way into industry. Some examples of the fundamental research topics in the NanoLabTUe: nanowires, single-photon emitters, photonic integrated circuits and the fabrication of ultrathin layers with top-of-the-line atomic layer deposition equipment.


Cleanroom Access

NanoLabTUe offers the use of its facilities and expertise for attractive tariffs to universities, research institutes, start-ups and industry. An extensive list of all NanoLabTUe facilities can be found on the list of equipment page.

New users in the NanoLabTUe are trained in basic safety and technology procedures before being granted access to the facilities. Specific equipment training is given upon specific needs. Only after these training procedures a new user can make a reservation on the specific equipment. A complete overview of the rules and regulations in the NanoLabTUe cleanroom can be found on the sub-page, as well as information about rates and the reservation system.





NanoLabNL is a Dutch national facility for nanotechnology research. Since 2004 we have been offering the use of our facilities and expertise to universities, research institutes, start-ups and industry on 5 locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen and Twente.

Each of the NanoLabNL locations offers a range of basic and expert technologies. The basic functions provide a general infrastructure suitable for common fabrication activities with a geographical barrier as low as possible. In other words: these facilities are replicated at most locations to minimize your traveling time. The expert functions are unique facilities and/or expertise, one does not likely find anywhere else in the country.  

The expert functions at NanoLabTUe are:  

  1. Deposition of organic, magnetic and semiconductor nano-structured materials
  2.  III-V technology: processing and devices
  3. Applications areas: spintronics, photonics and photovoltaics
  4. Atomic Layer Deposition of a wide range of materials
  5. Unique combination of Epitaxy, Lithography and process equipment

For other expert functions in the Dutch nanofabrication consortium please visit the NanolabNL website. The cluster map of NanoLabNL shows the different labs in the Netherlands.