New Users and required Documents

As a new user the procedure for getting access to the cleanroom follows a few mandatory steps:

  • Read the safety and behavior rules
  • Return the signed registration form
  • Send an email to the NanoLab office
  • Visit the intake and cleanroom safety tour
  • CR access by TU badge granted and LDB account assigned
  • Ask the NanoLab equipment owners for training
  • Authorization per equipment in reservation system (LDB)

Contact person: Alwin Maas,, +31 6 28128868


All NanoLabNL organizations use the same tariffs (see In case of special requests and/or services, information on the tariffs can be obtained by contacting us. We are also offering unlimited access per person for a specific period of time and the rate will be calculated per year.

Some of the equipment may have special rates due to the high cost per hour on these machines. Information can be given on demand.

All general terms and conditions can be found at the website

Equipment Reservation

NanolabTUe uses a dedicated cleanroom management system for data management and for equipment reservations, called NanoLabNL Information System (NIS). You can request to become a new member of the NanoLabTUe institute by using your TUe login credentials. After receiving the appropriate courses and trainings you will be authorized per individual tool.