Nanoscopy for Nanomedicine

We use advanced microscopy techniques such as super-resolution imaging to understand the structure of synthetic nanomaterials in vitro and their biological interactions and to provide the design rules guiding the rational design of novel nanomedicines.

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Within the research group Nanoscopy for Nanomedicine, three courses are taught: Characterization of materials, the project Entering the lab, and Single molecule microscopy for nanomaterials. Please find the course information and details on Canvas and Osiris via

Do you want to join us for a bachelor's or master's project? Please get in touch with group leader Lorenzo Albertazzi.

Research projects

ERC – NANOSTORM - Design of Nanomaterials for Targeted Therapies Guided by Super Resolution
VIDI – A single-molecule map for the design of personalized targeted nanoparticles
FET OPEN – DESTINATION - AI-enabled oligonucleotide nanotechnology DElivery SysTem for INformATION transfer into cells
FET OPEN – MIMIC-KEY A key to the rational design of extracellular vesicles-mimicking nanoparticles
EUROSTARS – G2B - Gut-To-Blood: a platform for oral systemic delivery of targeted therapies
ITN NETWORK – THERACAT - Bio-orthogonal catalysis for cancer therapy

PhD theses