NeuroPlatform is a multidisciplinary brain research program involving academic and commercial partners from both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Multidisciplinary brain research 

We combine technical and medical expertise to get the most out of our research, and carry out joint projects around topics of Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Ageing. Our technical challenges are Neuromodulation, Neuroimaging and Monitoring. Neurological and neuropsychiatric impairments have a high incidence and prevalence. Several challenges exists in this area both diagnostically as well as therapeutically. 


Research projects


NeuroPlatform is being led by a Strategic Board for strategic decisions and an Operational Board who is taking up the day-to-day management of ongoing projects and set-up of new initiatives (both in the field of research and education). 

Based on the ongoing projects in the NeuroPlatform portfolio experts and PhD students are active NeuroPlatform members. 

Beyond the active members we have a growing NeuroPlatform community of experts affiliated to our different partner institutions who are being invited for meetings and set-up of new research projects.

Strategic Board: Bert Aldenkamp, Jan Bergmans, Martin Boer, Paul Boon, Marcel Breeuwer, Evelien Carrette, Marieke van der Hoeven, Tim Leufkens, David Linden, Massimo Mischi, Maarten Paulides, Marika Trieling, and Sveta Zinger.

Operational Board: Evelien Carrette, Raymond van Ee, Jaap Jansen, Vivianne van Kranen-Mastenbroek, Rob Mestrom, Guido Widman, and Sveta Zinger

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