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Physical Chemistry

Research at the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry focuses on relating macroscopic phenomena - such as phase behaviour, morphology formation or wetting - to mesoscopic and molecular properties. 

Polymeric and colloidal liquids, and advanced surfaces

The Laboratory of Physical Chemistry hosts a leading research group at the intersection of theoretical and experimental physical chemistry and the fields of polymeric and colloid science. Our mission is two-fold. First, to advance the state of the art of physical chemistry and, in particular, soft matter science. Second, to develop a scientific basis for sustainable, functional and responsive materials that are urgently needed to solve societal challenges related to sustainability, the energy transition and health. Our research program links experimental and theoretical aspects to gain a deeper understanding of the physical and chemical phenomena involved and the building of competences to design and manufacture advanced functional materials. As the link between teaching and research is essential, we offer high-level physical and materials chemistry education at TU/e.

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