Master courses

The following master courses are given by PMP:

  • (3P111) Introduction to Plasma Physics
    During the lectures of this course concepts like Debye length, quasi neutrality, sheath formation, ambipolar diffusion, i.e. some of the basic concepts in plasma physics, are introduced.
  • (3P160) Advanced Plasma Physics
    Experts in the field of plasma physics give lectures on specialized topics like plasma sources, modeling and diagnostics. This course is organized annually early October in the form of a Summer School in Bochum, Germany.
  • (3P260) Plasma and Materials Processing
    During the lectures students are introduced to the field of plasma and materials processing and to its applications in science and industry, relevant for semiconductor, solar cell, photonics, and display manufacturing.
  • (3P330) Plasma diagnostics: techniques and applications
    During the lectures (plasma) diagnostic techniques, like optical emission spectroscopy, FT-IR spectroscopy, Thomson scattering, and some other laser-based diagnostics are discussed. The working principles and examples of applications of the techniques will be discussed in detail.
  • (3PM10) Energy Master class
    This course is organized to disseminate knowledge, stir discussion, and address energy issues for society. Different keynote speakers from academia and industry will present their views, solutions and outlooks so that current developments in the field can be understood and put into perspective.
  • (3SE25) Solar cells
    During this course an overview of different types of solar cells is given. This is based on their difference in structure as well as their working principles. Also their production technologies are discussed.