Plasma-based gas conversion

In the PMP research group we strive to obtain fundamental understanding of the kinetics and dynamics of plasma conversion of gases, both through experiments and modelling. With this combined approach we try to make this plasma-based conversion technology a viable route for energy storage of renewable energy sources.

Plasma-based gas conversion technologies for energy storage

The EU Energy Roadmap to 2050 predicts that energy produced from renewable sources will rise substantially over the coming decades. And as most of these renewable sources produce energy in the form of electricity, storage and transportation of this electricity will be key in the energy demand and production chain in the coming years. In the group PMP we investigate the possibilities of using plasma to convert gasses like CO2 and water into hydrocarbon-based liquid fuels, so called solar fuels, which can easily be stored. In this way this plasma-based conversion technology could also mitigate the challenges in terms of intermittency of most of the renewable energy sources.