4GA00 - Introduction mechanical engineering and truss structures



This course provides an introduction to the field of mechanical engineering. Mechanical Engineering focuses on designing, producing and improving products, processes and systems. Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of areas, such as mechanics, materials technology, process, energy and combustion technology, dynamics and control. These areas are discussed in more detail during various courses in the curriculum. For the student these subjects may seem to be isolated. The interaction often becomes clear at the veryend of the study. In this course, interaction will be shown by means of:

  1. colleges
  2. practicals
  3. Design based learning

Learning objectives

  • The students are able to design a 3D truss structure.
  • The students are able to analyse the mechanical properties of the structure in order to improve the design.
  • The students learn to operate computer programs to analyse the mechanical properties of complex structures.
  • The students build a scale model of the designed truss structure with the material provided.