New Erasmus student Serena Poto

Serena Poto received her bachelor degree in chemical engineering in September 2016 at the University of Salerno. After having attended two years of master in chemical engineering at the university mentioned before, she is now going to perform her master thesis within the Polymer Technology group of EindhovenUniversity of Technology. 

Her thesis work will deal with the stereolithography, which is a 3D printing technology that converts a UV-curable liquid resin into a solid object. During the printing process a UV laser beam scans the surface of the resin that hardens thanks to photopolymerization; the final object is printed layer by layer.

A problem that surely occur is that during the printing process, the first printed layers will continue to be exposed to the UV laser because of the transparency of the growing product; this will produce a gradient of monomer’s conversion and mechanical properties throughout the final object, so post-treatments are required in order to uniform the material’s properties and this is often done by trial and error.

Previous studies have focused on the effects of process conditions on the mechanical properties of a single layer. The following step is then studying the interactions between several layersas well as the layer adhesion, mainly through mechanical tests. 

This study will be helpful in understanding the stereolithography process, in order to optimize it and to choose the process conditions that can bring to the desired product.