Plasmids, Proteins and Protocols

We have an active policy of sharing our protein building blocks by contributing depositing our plasmids to AddGene and promote their use by writing dedicated protocols and tutorial reviews.

Plasmids available through Addgene

  • eCALWY: original CFP/YFP-based FRET sensors for Zn2+
  • redCALWY: red variants of eCALWY sensors using Orange/Cherry FRET pair
  • eZinCh-2: genictally encoeded FRET sensors for Zn2+(cytosolic, ER, mitochondria)
  • BL-ZinCh1; dual readout BRET/FRET sensors for measuring intracellular Zn2+
  • MagFRET: FRET sensor for intracellular Mg2+imaging
  • CLY1-9:FRET reference standard. Fusion of eCFP and eYFP with flexible linker ranging between 1 and 9 GGSGGS repeats
  • CNA35-FP: colorful fluorescent proteins for collagen imaging


Other plasmids

If you are interested in plasmids currently not distributed via Addgene please send your request to Prof. Dr Maarten Merkx.