Department of Applied Physics

Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

We work on selected, pressing problems of nuclear fusion energy by coming up with innovative solutions, ranging from turbulence optimization to liquid wall concepts.

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We tackle challenges of fusion energy by unleashing the creative minds of our students

Nuclear fusion, probably the most daunting scientific and technological challenge mankind has ever taken on, might one day provide humanity with a clean, safe and virtually unlimited energy source. Motivated by this potential, we set out to tackle some of its most important challenges. Our researchers address these from different angles, utilizing the wide variety of tools that theory, numerical models and experiments grant us. Through our Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion master’s degree program, we train a new generation of fusion engineers to propel the field of nuclear fusion into the future.


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This program is interdisciplinary, bringing together the departments of Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Moreover, the international development of fusion is done in worldwide collaboration and during their studies students participate in international teams, often in large research centres.

The MSc program aims at delivering engineers who are at home in an international, multidisciplinary environment, have been trained to work in goal-oriented projects and have a good sense for the socio-economical aspects of the their work. With these characteristics, the ‘Fusion masters’ will qualify for a career in a wide range of high-tech industries, as well as of course for the field of fusion energy.