Peter Rindt

Liquid metal heat shields

The exhaust of a fusion reactor must endure the harshest conditions of any man made object. Our mission is develop liquid metal heat shields that are up to this task.

Improved performance of liquid metal heat shields will not only enable DEMO, but will also allow the design of more practical and more economical future fusion power plants

The next generation fusion reactor, DEMO, will deliver electricity to the grid. Construction for the European DEMO will be started halfway this century, by the European organization EUROfusion. This reactor will likely require liquid metal heat shields to ensure sufficient lifetime, as well as sufficient robustness to make operation practical. Improved performance of liquid metal heat shields, however, will not only enable DEMO. It will also allow the design of smaller, more economical, and more practical future fusion power plants. Our group collaborates closely with EUROfusion to achieve this task, as well as the Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER), and the international fusion community.