BM/d Lab


Bachelor courses

Core courses

  • Signal Processing Basics (5ESE0)
  • Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals (5ESC0)


  • Introduction to Medical Image Processing (5XSA0)
  • Medical ultrasound (5XSD0)

Master courses

Core courses

  • Statistical Signal Processing (5CTA0)

Specialization courses

  • Adaptive Array Signal Processing (5SSC0)


  • Monitoring of respiration and circulation (5LSB0)
  • Biomedical Sensing Technology (5LSC0)
  • Machine Learning for signal processing (5LSL0)
  • Adaptive array signal processing (5SSC0)
  • Image analysis for healthcare technologies (5LSJ0)
  • Video health monitoring (5LIV0)
  • Physics behind Medical Technology (3MA100).


All current courses can be found here