BM/d Lab

Student Projects

Artificial intelligence

Ultrasound imaging

  • Uterine motion analysis for prediction of successful in-vitro fertilization. Joint project with industrial partner. Contact: Massimo Mischi (
  • Quantitative molecular imaging of cancer angiogenesis by targeted micro- and nano-bubbles. Contact: Simona Turco (
  • Quantitative ultrasound for tissue characterization in cardiovascular and oncological applications. Joint project with industrial partner. Contact: Massimo Mischi (


  • Multiparametric MRI for cancer localization and characterization. Contact: Simona Turco (
  • Cine MRI analysis of cardiac strains for the assessment of ablation procedures in patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. Contact: Massimo Mischi (
  • Uterine tissue characterization by MRI for the diagnosis of adenomyosis and other uterine pathologies. Contact: Massimo Mischi (


  • Neuroimaging for applications in psychoradiology, neurodynamics, machine learning (radiomics) for disease outcome prediction. Contact: Sveta Zinger (



  • Reliable heartrate monitoring with wearable sensors. Joint project with industrial partner. Contact: Rik Vullings (

Remote monitoring

  • Vital sign extraction and analysis for AI based event detection and prediction. Contact: Sveta Zinger (
  • Sepsis monitoring through sweat biomarkers. Joint project with industrial partner. Contact: Elisabetta Peri (
  • Sternal notch pressure sensor to estimate respiratory effort in patients with sleep disorders. Contact: Elisabetta Peri (
  • Remote/contactless monitoring of neonatal and pediatric sleep. Contact: Xi Long (


  • Developing doppler-radar for monitoring babies’ heartrate during labour. Joint project with EM group. Contact: Rik Vullings (

The BM/d Lab has a large network of national and international collaborations with academic and industrial partners. Therefore, external internships and graduation projects are an additional option provided by BM/d, supported by a number of Erasmus exchange programs that are in place with several universities abroad. For more information on these possibilities, please contact Prof. M. Mischi (