We focus on the fundamental limits of information processing (transmission, storage, and sensing) underlying our modern digital society. Using information-theoretical frameworks, we study real-world problems aiming at fast, reliable, and secure processing of information.

Driving the future of information processing

The ICT Lab research focuses on data transmission and compression, modulation and error correction, multi-user information theory, information security, and sensing. We study information processing in a broad sense trying to determine fundamental limits, but also at developing the techniques that approach these limits. We use information-theoretical frameworks to model practical scenarios, and to find the optimal performance-complexity trade-offs. These scenarios result from close interaction with national and international industrial collaborators. Application areas include fiber optical communications, next-generation wireless systems, secret-key generation, and radar processing.


Research project

MyWave: Energy efficient signal processing techniques for distributed massive MIMO systems

In this project the architecture and signal processing of distributed massive MIMO systems is explored. This project is based on the…

Research project

Signal Shaping Tailored to the Optical fibre Channel

Data rates in optical fibre communication systems are fundamentally limited by nonlinear effects associated with light propagation. Adapting…

Research project

Fundamentals of the Nonlinear Optical Channel

The FUN-NOTCH project copes foundational questions around the emerging phenomena of transceivers operated near the nonlinear regime of…

Research project

SHY-FEC: Shaped Hybrid Forward Error Correction

This project studies the technical feasibility of our previously-introduced hybrid decoding and low-complexity shaping algorithms based on…

Research project

i-CAVE P4 - Radar Communication

The i-CAVE project P4 - Radar Communication aims to combine communications and radar capabilities for the automobile radars, with emphasis…

Research project

Silicon-based Ka-band massive MIMO antenna systems for new telecommunication services SPS

This project aims to explore and optimize signal-processing techniques for coordinated transmission from a massive MIMO transmit antenna…

Research project

Increasing the Capacity of Optical Nonlinear Interfering Channels

Optical fibers are strands of glass with the thickness of human hair that carry nearly all the world's Internet traffic. However, the…

Research project

RESCURE: Retrofit Security for Critical infrastructures

RESCURE retrofits security in large scale IoT Critical Infrastructures (CIs). Therefore, within RESCURE, we aim to deliver a low-cost IoT…


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TU/e is growing faster than ever and we are seeking talented candidates at all levels. Full career track opportunities are available. The Information and Communication lab posts new positions throughout the year in the general areas of Information and Communication Theory (ICT). Check our projects and publications for our current scope of research.  

All scientific as well as non-scientific vacancies are centrally cataloged by the Electrical Engineering department and can be found here. Please contact Alex Alvarado for opportunities within the ICT lab. 


Student opportunities

Are you a student interested in doing a project with us? Our research covers an extensive range of subjects on information and communication theory. Our current research focuses on data compaction and compression, modulation and error-correction, multi-user information theory, information-theoretic security and network information theory.

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