Lighting and IoT Lab

With a strong background in signal procession, communication and information theory and in electronics, we are eager to connect to the further the wide range of local strengths in the human interaction with light, intelligent lighting systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), but also to the ambitions in LiFi, optical wireless communications and photonics.

Smart Lighting feeding our personal well-being and Smart Lighting as an ultra-dense IoT communication Infrastucture

We study novel concepts for Smart and IoT Connected Buildings and also for Wireless Optical Communication (LiFi). One of our success factors is that start by deeping the scientific understanding of lighting and communication via light. We develop effective, yet computationally-efficient non-linear equalizer structures to enhance LiFi, by first improving the models of the photonic response of LED junctions, studying semiconductor physics. We translate these new insights into efficient equalizer structures, optimized modulation methods and suitable electronic driver circuits. To make LiFi robust against interruptions of a light beam, we develop OFDM MIMO schemes in which multiple distributed light sources cooperate to boost reliability and performance.


In the news

TU/e ranks 43rd worldwide (highest in The Netherlands ) as the University in Computer Science and Electronics with the most heavily cited academics, according to Guide2Research. Jean-Paul Linnartz with 11,632 citations listed as sixth on the TU/e list

LiFi communicates with photons instead of radio waves – and that’s very useful for the internet-of-things - Innovation Origins September 24, 2019




At the Lighting and IoT Lab, we study novel concepts for Smart and IoT Connected Buildings and also for Wireless Optical Communication (LiFi).  Our master research projects focus on the following core research areas: optical wireless communications, smart buildings and sensing for biological modeling.

In the following, we provide you with some suggested tracks hoping to give you insight and inspiration in how you can engage in the future of Lighting and IoT.