Lighting and IoT Lab

Master Tracks

Machine Learning for IoT Lighting

The table below shows a suggested list of courses for an M.Sc. graduation track at Machine Learning for IoT Lighting. This track has an emphasis on the use of machine learning for sensing biological process estimation.

Quartile Course Code Course Name Course Type ECTS
Y1-Q1-A 5CTA0 Statistical signal processing Core 5
Y1-Q1-B 2DME30 Complex analysis Core 5
Y1-Q1-C 2DME20 Non-linear optimization Core 5
Y1-Q1-E2 5CKF0 Research set-up Prof. Dev. 2.5
Y1-Q3-B1 5SSC0 Adaptive array signal processing Specialization 5
Y1-Q3-B2 5SSD0 Bayesian machine learning and information processing Specialization 5
Y1-Q4 5CKB0 Tutoring and coaching Prof. Dev. 2.5
Y1-Q4-A2 5LSL0 Machine learning for signal processing Elective 5
Y1-Q4-D1 5AUA0 Advanced sensing using Deep Learning Elective 5
Y2-Q1 5M815 Internship SPS Graduation 15
Y2-Q2,Q3,Q4 5T845 Graduation project SPS Graduation 45