We aim to learn more about neurocognition by studying epilepsy, the most common neurological disease, which affects 1-2% of the population. Epilepsy is characterized by epileptic seizures, but in more than half the patients also causes cognitive impairments, a.o. accelerated cognitive aging. We study the associated changes in brain organization to develop neuromodulation protocols for treatment. Also other brain conditions which affect cognition, e.g. depression and stroke, are within our scope.

Researching neuroimaging, neuronal networks and neuromodulation towards understanding and treating cognitive decline

At Neu3CA we study neurodegeneration, neuromodulation and neuronal networks in the field of Cognitive Ageing. We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, clinical researchers and industry partners that collaborate on translational research projects, which typically involve technologies like magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, advanced simulations of brain networks, and the application of neuromodulation. We aim to advance the scientific understanding of cognition and its decline in neuropsychiatric disorders like epilepsy, stroke and depression, and through this we aim to develop new protocols and technologies for treatment. Visit our website to find out more.