Wouter Ellenbroek

Responsive Soft Matter

The Responsive Soft Matter group of Wouter Ellenbroek is devoted to theoretical research (including computer simulations) of responsive soft materials. Together with four other principal investigators (Kees Storm, Paul van der Schoot, Alexey Lyulin and Liesbeth Janssen), we form the Soft Matter and Biological Physics (SMB) group, which has strong ties with TU/e’s Institute for Complex Molecular Systems.

Research Profile

In the Responsive Soft Matter group, we study the formation and properties of soft materials, using various numerical and analytical tools. In many cases formation and properties cannot be seen independently from each other, as many soft materials have a dynamic structure that keeps evolving even long after the material was made.

Research Areas

Student Opportunities

There are always plenty of topics students can work on in our group, be it for a Final Bachelor Project (BEP), a M.Sc. graduation project, or an internship abroad.

Topics can range all across soft matter, and from abstract and mathematical to very concrete and directly related to ongoing experiments. Most projects will involve some amount of computer simulation work, but prior experience with this is not essential, and we can also define a more analytically oriented project.

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