Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Stimuli-responsive Functional Materials & Devices

We  develop polymers with new responsive functionalities and integrate them into devices, to meet industrial and societal challenges in the fields of sustainable energy, healthcare, and personal comfort.

Developing devices to demonstrate the value of new polymers 

Our group is internationally recognized for a complete chain‐of‐knowledge approach spanning from synthesis to device fabrication. In our view, integration of newly‐developed polymers into devices that employ their functionality is essential for demonstrating scientific and economic value. To pursue this integrated approach, we employ staff members with strong expertise in organic synthesis, self-assembly, nano‐ and micro‐structuring, polymer chemistry and technology, mechanics, device optics and physics. We have extensive expertise in manufacturing and testing of devices on a prototype scale.

We develop functional materials by utilizing top‐down and bottom‐up strategies combining molecular design and synthesis, processing and device integration. For bottom‐up structuring of polymers we often apply self‐organization of photopolymerizable liquid crystals into defect‐free, monolithic structures with a wide variety of molecular architectures and functionalities. Often used top-down techniques are photolithography, photo-embossing, holography and (inkjet) printing.

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The mission of the Stimuli-responsive Functional Materials & Devices group is to educate students in the field of polymer materials spanning from synthesis to device fabrication.

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