MSc Graduation Studio

3D Concrete Printing is poised to take the construction industry by storm. The potential advantages of mass customization, absence of formwork, reduction of labour and material use, production speed and automation, are highly appealing and have instigated an exponentially growing number of pilot projects around the globe. But fundamental understanding of this technology is still very limited. The Chair of Concrete Structures is one of the very few research groups in the world active in this field. We have a wide range of MSc graduation topics available. Key areas of research include:

  • Concrete behaviour during printing, and its dependency on print process parameters; new fast-hardening printable concrete; development of experimental program (experimental and FEM).
  • Development of 3DCP concepts for structural applications, including fiber reinforced printed concrete, printed concrete with cable-reinforcement, and sandwich constructions (experimental and FEM).
  • Tesselation and connections, developing and testing connection concepts and tessellation strategies (design, experimental and FEM).
  • Design and analysis of printed structural element, e.g. optimized floor element, columns.
  • Integrated design of buildings / pilots, e.g. 3D printed house
  • Process automation, development of measurement and real-time feedback systems (process programming, real-time measuring techniques).

Together with the student, we can further define the graduation topic, tuned to his/her personal interest. Depending on the focus of the project, other chairs can be involved, within the Unit SD or in cross-unit colaborations. We also encourage collaborations with one of the 3DCP parter companies and we can get you in touch with them if you are interested. Your own ideas are always welcome as well.  Please also consider our list of suggested MSc graduation topics.

For more information, contact prof. dr. ir. Theo Salet ( or dr. ir. Freek Bos ( 


A couple of process rules apply when studying in the 3DCP graduation studio:

  • at least one of your mentors is a member of the Chair of Concrete Structures.
  • access to the TU/e 3DCP printing facility for your project. 
  • regular meetings with your mentor team (once every 2-4 weeks).
  • graduation studio meeting once every 4 weeks: Open discussion on progress, opportunity to learn from each other.
  • studio members are requested to help the team with scheduled printing sessions. In return, they can also count on help when they need objects to be printed.
  • go / no-go meeting approximately 4 weeks before end colloquium.