Completed Projects

R.J.M (Rob) Wolfs, 3D printing of concrete structures, 2015

C.C.M. (Coert) Doomen, The effect of layered manufacturing on the strength properties of printable concrete, 2016

N.A.J. (Niels) Bartels & T.F.L. (Tim) Houben, Structural optimization for 3D printing, 2016

M.P.A.M. (Marjolein) Marijnissen, 3D concrete printing in architecture, 2016

E.C.F. (Emiel) van Strien, Measuring and optimizing the 3D concrete printing process, using real time feedback, 2017

G.J. (Gosse) Slager, Influence of the interface on the tensile properties of 3D printed concrete, 2017

T. (Tim) Krijntjes, Mechanical properties of fresh 3d printed concrete, 2017

E. (Evgeniy) Jutinov, The effect of entrainment of reinforcement on the strength and ductility on 3DCP, 2017

L. (Lars) van den Bulck, Assembling structural 3D concrete printed elements, 2017

W. (Wim) Raedts, Investigation into properties of fibre reinforced concrete in extrusion based adaptive manufacturing, 2017

F. (Floor) Vermue, Numerical and experimental assessment of 3D concrete printed sandwich panels with different insulating core materials, 2017

A.H.M. (Arjan) Stappers, Tesselation of 3D Printed Concrete Structures, 2017

C. (Casper) van der Krift, The structural potential of steel fibres in 3D-printed concrete, 2017

L.J. (Lex) Hermens, Strength development of concrete used for 3D concrete printing, 2018

O.H.M. (Omar) Abdelghany, Controlling the concrete temperature in the 3D concrete printing process, 2018

T. (Thomas) van Vooren, Optimization of 3D concrete printed arch structures, 2018

S. (Steven) DezaireStudy on bond capacity of 3D printed concrete with cable reinforcement, 2018

G.P.J.A. (Dion)Goris, Traditional reinforcement in 3D concrete printed structures, 2018

S. (Shelin) Mok, The optimization of sandwich panels in 3D concrete printing, 2018