PhD Research

PhD Project 1 - Structural behaviour of 3D printed concrete

PhD Candidate: ir. R.J.M. (Rob) Wolfs

Starting date: April 1, 2015

Summary: 3D Concrete printing holds great potential for the building industry, but the lack of scientific knowledge on this new technique limits a robust process and safe applications in practice. This PhD project aims to develop experimental procedures and numerical models to analyse printed concrete structures in both the dormant period and hardened state, and apply (structural) optimization algorithms to optimize the printing strategy and printed concrete structures, including the influence of the 3D printing technique.

PhD Project 2

PhD Candidate: Z.Y. (Zeeshan) Ahmed

Starting date: December 1, 2015

Summary: This PhD research on 3D concrete printing is focused on overcoming the limitations of the 3DCP process to make it more robust and develop its potential and application in design and construction by keeping the process generic rather then having a more project based approach to find answers to fixed goal. 

With this research the conventional idea of distinct space and structural element is challenged by creating architectural spaces without any distinctive boundaries between structural elements and architectural elements and focuses on printing complex cellular geometries which can be extended and multiplied across scales and functional domains ranging from structural to architectural elements.While in conventional building process considerable amount of material gets wasted from manufacturing to construction, 3DCP research intents to overcome this challenge by maximizing the material usage with minimum or no wastage, without compromising the structural performance of the printed geometry.